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Important notification for GINESYS V11 customers
Posted by Harsh Nahata on 21 November 2016 07:07 PM

Dear GINESYS User,

This mail contains important notification regarding technology upgrade of your GINESYS V11 Software.

Following the latest trend and changes in global technology landscape and to keep GINESYS updated there are some necessary action that has been taken to prepare ourselves for the future. This technology upgrade will allow us to introduce key features like integration with various Wallets, share data with 3rd Party Vendors via API and much more.

Thus we request you to go through the below points carefully and take immediate steps to prevent any operational roadblock in your GINESYS operations.  

  • GINESYSV11 will no longer provide updates or technical support for any version of GINESYS in 50 series (Last released 11.52.4) for both HO and POS. If you are still running GINESYSV11 in 50 series, you need to take immediately measures to plan and execute an upgrade strategy to GINESYS version 11.100.0 onwards. The base version 11.100.0 was released about a year ago and now very much stable running successfully in more than 300+ installations. Upgrading to this latest version will allow you to use lots of newly added features to help you in your business & operations.

    Please note that service calls for GINESYS 50 that are made after the EOS date will be regrettably declined by GINESYS. However, self - service support (wiki and documentations) will continue to be available for your browsing and download for another year, from the product EOS date.
  • Along with this there are certain 3rd party applications required for GINESYS running which will not be supported due to this new technology adoptions. Thus you are requested to taken necessary action to upgrade the same at all your POS locations asap with the help of your infrastructure team. We understand that this upgrade would be critical & time consuming however it is give fruitful results in future.

The table given below lists the products affected by this notification and the suggested replacement product versions. You can discuss your upgrade strategy with GINESYS Helpdesk team or your allocated Account Manager.

We are consistently dedicated to providing you with excellent product and services. For more information on our product offerings, company news and upcoming events, visit our web site at:


Replacement Product



GINESYS 11.50 series

GINESYS 11.113.0 or above.

Kindly log Support ticket for more details and coordination.

With effect from 10th of December, 2016.

Please ignore if you are already updated to version 11.100.0

.NET Framework 3.5, 4, 4.5 and 4.5.1

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2


Mandatory for POS Server and Workstation/Terminal.

Optional for HO Application Server.


Applicable for version 11.114.0

If not done you would be able to run the POS but will be able to use certain specific features.

Crystal Report 10.5 (POS)

Crystal Reports Runtime 13.0.8 (MSI)


Mandatory for POS Server and Workstation/Terminal.

Applicable for version 11.114.0.

This we hope would have been already updated at all the POS as the intimation as POP-Up was already coming to all the system were this was missing.

#Click on the hyperlink to download the 3rd party applications.

Thanking you for your co-operation and assuring our best of support always.